What is your Money Archetype?


What is your Money Archetype?

If you are someone who keeps getting the same results and is not able to change the reality of your financial success. It’s important to know what the underlying issue is. Even though you kind of understand the law of attraction and you have some really good growth strategy in place it still feels like there’s never enough money and to be honest your level of income really makes little difference. Maybe for you it feels like there’s some income ceiling you can’t seem to move beyond. Or maybe it’s just that constant two steps forward one step back. What happens is that money starts to flow. But before you know it there’s been some emergency or expense and it’s all disappeared again. So, no matter what’s showing up for you, that is your pattern around money. And it keeps being created over and repeatedly and keeps showing up in your life and in your business. No matter what’s showing up for you there is a pattern around money we all have and it keeps creating the same result over and over and over again and keeps showing up in our life. So read this blog  to clearly identify what that pattern is and which of the money habits archetypes it is your match to.  And then by understanding that clearly you will get to understand what some of the benefits are of being naturally wired that way.  And even better that you are going to dive deep into your unconscious to understand what’s driving that pattern. What is informing that pattern? What is creating and causing this pattern to show up over and repeatedly for you. And once we do that you will get to then do the work of transforming it by releasing the old pattern that doesn’t serve you and start to bring with you all the things that are helpful from that pattern.

It’s important to become self-aware to know what’s happening at the core level to change the results in the external world. Mastering your money habit archetype is such a helpful thing in helping you grow your business and your income. So, let’s dive in to identify that pattern to define it as your money habit archetype the way you tend to show up about money. This very quick and simple process will help you kind of see your life as just the series of patterns of the same story being played out over and over and over again.

There are three main money archetypes. The general pattern around money is the way that you operate around money and that is number one the Squanderer, Extender and the Accumulator.

Lest understand the each of them:

Squanderer: (Money in= Money Out) It’s the easiest pattern where the money comes in and goes out quickly. It mostly results in paycheck to paycheck living. If there is a lump sum and big sums of money received suddenly the big expenses will appear and wash away the money. The common challenge to a squanderer is that unexpected expenses wipe out the gains. It feels like hand to mouth and no matter how much law of attraction or affirmation you read there is no saving and events keep manifesting where there is no money to spare.

The downside of being a squanderer is that you can’t seem to get ahead, there is a lack of financial control and spending too much on the little things but there is an upside being a squanderer because you know how to have fun with money, you trust that the money will keep flowing in and you are comfortable to invest in growth.

The common belief system a squandering has is that you like to sort out the future when it comes, spend money to make money, you only live once, there is a fear of missing opportunities.

Quick Tips to Transform A squanderer is not good with savings. It’s a learned skill to begin with to outsource the savings to a system like having a direct debit transfer to a savings account each week for a fairly small amount and just to build a habit. Teach your nervous system that you can do this and start to embody a new reality with a new money story, keep the fun money aside from security to become a vibrational match. Feel good about saving money and celebrate your first $100 saved. Remind yourself daily that “Every day in every way I am becoming better and better at managing money. I am an excellent money manager, Thank you.”

Accumulator: (Money In> Money Out) The pattern for the accumulator is simple: the money coming in is greater than going out because under this pattern you are always tucking money aside, saving for a rainy day. This is a hoarding pattern as the underlying story is the fear of lack or not enough. The common challenges for an accumulator is that goals always feel far due to a trouble spending money on self, they feel poor even on high income and mostly spend their money with guilt of not being good enough because you mostly consider yourself as the last.

The downside of being an accumulator is that your action is driven by fear by that feeling and that underlying belief they have that it’s never enough. It’s still not enough and so they have to keep saving. They don’t take care of themselves and like to spend money on self care. They are driving with the brakes and not aligned with the abundance. They avoid spending money which results in slower and harder growth but don’t feel because on the contrary you have planned any contingencies, you know how to achieve long term goals. Your cash flow is protected with your great financial management system.

The common belief system an accumulator has You can never be sure, Yes, but what if.. , I can get it cheaper and better, We can’t rely on that happening again

Quick Tips to transform Now as we know an accumulator better than they are usually the envy of friends because they actually do have savings and a contingency plan but because it’s driven by an underlying fear it keeps them stuck at the same income level. Today is the time to change this pattern by keeping a separate compulsory spending account for mandatory fun, self-care activities. Set up milestones and rewards. Book a monthly date with a fun friend or a partner. Feel safe and secure to get your bases covered. Do it from a place of love and sense of security to become a vibrational match. Feel good about spending money and know there is plenty more coming. Bless your money with “The money I spend comes back to me multiplied by 10, Thank you.”

Extender: (Money In < Money Out) The pattern for the extender is simple: the money going out is greater than coming in no matter what the income level is. There is always a wind to make it a little more worse than before. The common challenge for an extender is the income keeps increasing but the net worth keeps shrinking, debts and expenses grow at the rapid speed, Quick wins approach backfires creating more losses and leaving you more broke than before.

The downside of being an extender is that the pattern of overspending and over commitment which puts a lot of financial stress and impacts the decision making. Since there is a lack of solid foundation quick fix approach backfires but on the contrary they are comfortable to take big risks, due to short term focus they move quickly and not stuck in the comfort zone.

The common belief system an extender is A quick win can fix the issue, you only live once, I want my happiness

Quick Tips to transform: An extender is mostly moving backwards just a little more debt, little more fee, little more expenses. Supporting a new you is with these powerful tips: prepare an action plan with the tips I gave for squanderer plus to have a really big WHY to motivate you and help you stay on track. Ask these powerful questions:  why is it worth bothering? What is the result?  What Am I going to get out of it? What’s in it for me? Make that as big, powerful, vivid and tangible to bring it to life. Do a big vision board around it. Write a letter to yourself. Tell everybody you trust that this is what you’re working towards and how excited you are about it. Remind yourself daily that “It is safe for me to have more money, It is safe for me to make and save money with ease.”

Bonus: Complete a quiz to know your money archetype,

Course for $7:  Download a workbook to know the drivers of your money habits, write your old money story and manifest a new reality with a quantum Meditation.

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